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Character Shrines
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28th-Aug-2012 03:50 pm - Plug!
Hi everyone! It's been a while since anyone has posted a link so here's my newest shrine...

Way Cool

A shrine to Boshi from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.
16th-Jun-2011 10:27 pm - LET'S LIVEN THIS PLACE UP!
Okay so I noticed this place is kinda...dead? I wanted to make an attempt to revive it by asking a few questions and get some discussions going.

WHAT CHARACTERS WOULD YOU LIKE SEEING SHRINES TO? No doubt that there are more characters who have more tributes to than others. What do YOU want to see? Any character in particular? I personally would love to see more shrines to Rikku (FFX), one for Paine (FFX-2), Selphie and Quistis (FFVIII) need more love. Also, I'm surprised there are not more tributes out there for FFXII and FFXIII characters!


WHEN VISITING A SHRINE, DO YOU JUDGE THE LAYOUT? When I ask this, I mean by the look of it. Not of all us are gifted in web design but I will admit I do judge a little bit when accepting affiliation requests. The layout design is what brings the whole package together. I hate seeing awful color schemes and bad placement.
13th-Jun-2011 06:04 pm - PLUG
Hello all! My name is Sara and some of you might know me from several years ago when I owned several Final Fantasy tribute shrines to Tifa (Arcadia), Aeris (Saint), Squall (Scarface), and finally Rinoa (Maverick). I am proud to say that I am back on the web but have only decided to revive Maverick.

I lost all of the original content and had to start from scratch. I still have quite a ways to go but I always felt that this was the best one out of all the others. The second one being Saint. It's good to be back and I hope to rekindle friendships again.
17th-Mar-2011 04:19 am - Shrines and Tributes of 2010
Florence ¤ they have all been blown out
Three months late! Sorry everyone =( You guys know the drill: drop a comment and I will add! New shrines, revamped shrines, re-uploaded shrines, and the like. Even shrines to multiple characters! Feel free to submit your site, your friend's site, a friend of a friend's site, etc., etc.

All comments are anonymous!

Oh, and just a reminder: shrines eligible for admission are not limited to characters from RPGs. They can be from any type of game. Let's get some variety in there!

If you don't have a livejournal account or are not a member, but would still like to contribute, please shoot an email to blizzara.org[AT]gmail.com. Thanks everyone!

Shrines of 2010

Final Fantasy VIII - Squall Leonhart: Antihero
Final Fantasy VIII - Zell Dincht: Blizartig
Final Fantasy XIII - Fang: Tear Down the Sky
Final Fantasy XIII - Lightning: Roses Have Thorns
Final Fantasy XIII - Serah Farron: Catalyst
Pokemon - Giovanni: The Godfather
Summon Night: Swordcraft Story - Ureksa Jade Shadow

Past years: 2008, 2009
17th-Nov-2010 09:58 pm - Plug?
Are plugs for new sites still allowed?

I did a major clean up on my collective not too long ago. It included archiving, moving, revamps... etc. After that chaos was done I finally got around to making another shrine.

Jade Shadow
A little character shrine to Ureksa from Summon Night: Swordcraft Story.

Edit: I just finished revamping and added a bunch of stuff. :D

Edit 2: Jade Shadow has been totally revamped and is now called Surreptitious
16th-Sep-2010 10:09 am - 2010 Fansite Pageant Awards

2010 Fansite Pageant Awards

Stefi so kindly allowed me permission to post here at Charactershrine! (I apologize to all who has seen this post more than once if you're also watching Amassment) This is the second annual fansite pageant awards where anyone, not just people who make websites but also visitors, are encouraged to nominate their favorite sites and then vote on them in the end. Voting does not begin until October 1st but it's up early so everyone can get familiar with it and hopefully start thinking of what sites they'd like to share!

Thanks everyone!
Sora  ¤ Doh!
A few months ago, I was brought to attention an reading I was assigned to do entitled "Differing Destinations: Cultural Identification, Orientalism, and 'Soft Power' in the Twenty-First-Century Anime Fandom" by Susan Napier. Although this community focuses extensively on making sites to characters from video games, I figured that the appeal of characters, whether from Eastern or Western creation, are more or less idiosyncratic regardless of the medium they originate from (or at least, in regards to the following quotes).

In the past few years, time and time again site owners pose the question to one another about reasons they decide to make a site to a particular character. For example, we might give a generalization say "I have a favoritism towards characters with a mysterious past" to just plain finding "X character interesting". Unless stated at the actual site, I've seen very few responses delving into more personal reasons. The following is an observation made by Napier, who thinks might be a reason as to why people are attracted towards a particular character.

"In the fan community, the true fan is deeply engaged with the object of his or her fandom, which can range from soccer teams to Elvis Presley; and this engagement can evolve into, or even be based on, a feeling of identification with the object... this can be a narcissistic form of identification in which the fan sees the object of his or her engagement as "an extension of the fan's very self"

She also stated this in a later argument:

"Not only did fans find characters fascinating and emotionally affecting... they were also potentially objects of identification. Sometimes characters served as "extensions" of the fan's self and other times as idealized role models for the development of the fan's identity"

To rephrase the old question about why we make shrines in the first place, for what reasons do you identify with a character you made a site to? In accordance with what is stated in the quotes, is it because you envied, admired, sympathized, shared a similarity, etc. with him/her? Why do you find a character appealing (assuming that you do), and what does that say about yourself, if it does at all? And I ask this because, with an inclining favoritism to give our sites that "personal touch", sometimes how we feel about or view a character can give perspective to our analysis. If it helps any, try giving examples by mentioning a character you've made a site to (and please don't limit yourself to game-only characters).

To some degree, I like to think what I choose to interpret about a character also says something about myself, not only about the scope of my knowledge, but also about my own personality and experiences. I know that for me, having any difficulties expressing the latter through a character is what keeps me from making a site to them. Granted, if I disregard my own personal interest, I can play any game and pick any character to make arguments and theories for (legitimacy questioned, of course), but I feel that's what keeps my shrine from being fundamentally a shrine.

Sorry for the long and complicated post though; kudos to you if you're willing to reply, haha. I wanted to try and engage some critical thinking within the community because, as I love to say, why the fuck not?

Also, if anything needs to be clarified about whatever the hell I'm supposed to be saying, feel free to ask me.
Hello! I'm new to this community so I thought I should introduce myself and link my game shrines while I'm at it. I prefer action RPGs and RPGs.

Some of my favorite games include Final Fantasy VII (and Crisis Core), Chrono Trigger, Lufia II, Super Mario RPG, Phantasy Star IV and Portable, Summon Night: Swordcraft Story, Mana Khemia and Kingdom Hearts.

My favorite game characters are Reno (FFVII), Axel (KH), Sakuro (SN), Magus and Lucca (CT).

Without further ado... here are the shrines!Collapse )
30th-Dec-2009 03:46 am - Shrines & Tributes of 2009
FFIII ¤ Mountain Walk
Hey everyone! We're at the end of the year, and I've decided to make a tradition of last year's compiled list of sites posted on charactershrine.

Here's where you come in! Since I'm only one person who is absolutely horrible about keeping up with the community 100% of the time (I'm trying), I would like to ask the members to comment with links that are not listed already. Here's what we're looking for:

  • Shrines/tributes that have opened during the year of 2009
  • Revamps made in 2009. This means heavy changes (at least 50%) of the site must have been changed or modified.
  • Sites that were offline for a while (since before 2009) and have gone back up again this year
  • Shrines that were attached to fanlistings (the year the fanlisting went up does not matter, so long as the shrine went online this year)
  • If you're not sure if any of these apply to a site you want to post, leave a comment anyway and we'll figure something out.

Feel free to post as many of your own shrines or someone else's, as long as it follows the criteria above. Remember, the kinds of games these characters come from aren't limited to Final Fantasy or RPG; as long as they come from a game on any platform, they're most certainly qualified.

If you see your site up here and are uncomfortable about it, comment or send me a message and it'll be removed right away. All posts are screened. Hope you've all had a good year, and hope to see you around in the next!

Shrines of 2009

BlazBlue - Litchi Faye Ling: Bold & Delicious

Guilty Gear - Ky Kiske: Heaven's Not Enough

Final Fantasy IV - Rosa: Purity
Final Fantasy VI - Cyan: Stalwart
Final Fantasy VII - Angeal: Alis Grave Nil
Final Fantasy IX - Garnet: Lilac
Final Fantasy X - Tidus: Ligne de Vie

Kingdom Hearts - Riku: Vagabond
Kingdom Hearts - Roxas: Drift

Megaman - Zero: Fire Carves Scars

Persona 4 - Naoto: Eclipse

Phoenix Wright - Miles Edgeworth: Separate Ways

Silent Hill - Heather: Hithero

The past years: 2008
26th-Oct-2009 06:39 pm - small rant
I said I wasn't going to double post, but who knows when I'll have free time to community/FB surf like this so...

One of my hugest pet peeves is when I come across a site that has this infamous blurb: "The first site dedicated to..." or "The first fansite for...".

continue?...Collapse )

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